West LA Attorneys For Guardianships And Conservatorships

Guardianships and conservatorships are family matters that are not handled in family court, but that must be addressed in probate court. They include situations in which children are not being cared for by either of their parents and may be cared for by grandparents or other family members or even nonfamily or professionals.


Guardianship proceedings can establish the rights of parents and nonparents and can remove the rights of the parents to make decisions for children. This can happen quickly. If you are a non-natural parent seeking legal rights to care for a child or if you are defending against a guardianship, you need early and accurate legal advice. Contact an attorney as soon as possible.

As with other areas of law, guardianships and conservatorships can be litigated or effectively resolved by mediation or other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Golsan Ziff & Ziff will provide you with the information you need to make the appropriate choices.


A conservatorship can be established over adults who no longer are able or no longer wish to make decisions about their own health and welfare (conservatorship of the person) or their finances (conservatorship of the estate). This deprives the person who is the subject of a conservatorship of the ability to exercise important rights, including the right of self-determination. Accordingly, this can only be done under the supervision of the court.

If you are a conservator or proposed conservator, we can help you meet the requirements for appointment. If someone is trying to deprive you of your ability to make your own decisions or if you do not approve of the person seeking appointment over you, we can help you defend against these proceedings. Working with Los Angeles probate courts, family members or professional conservators, Golsan Ziff & Ziff can help.

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