Mediation & Collaborative Law

Experienced Family Law Mediators

Mediation is a completely confidential way to share concerns and find resolutions. At Golsan, Ziff & Ziff, we serve as neutral family law and divorce mediators, helping parties work together to resolve their conflicts. As mediators, we maintain a neutral role. Our goal is to help bring both parties to consensus on delicate matters, including property division and child custody disputes.

By participating in private mediation, parties are able to resolve conflict with our assistance. As mediators, we are neutral individuals who do not make judgments about the matter before us. Many people who go through mediation tell us that they are pleased with the outcome and with the control they had in the mediation process. Because they had a part in creating the solution, they are more likely to be invested in it going forward. They find that the ability to resolve conflict has helped them continue relationships as co-parents in a healthy manner.

Attorneys Guiding Clients Through Mediation

Whether you have been ordered to participate in mediation or you are interested because you heard mediation works, turning to our west LA law firm can help you achieve your goals. We represent clients in mediation, guiding them through the process so that they can efficiently and effectively resolve conflicts with others, including ex-spouses and co-parents. We make sure that our clients are protected in mediation. Mediation can provide a safe and efficient way to resolve matters through mutual agreement. It is the only completely confidential method of resolution.

Of course, we are also forceful litigators. Mediation may be a tool as part of a larger trial strategy. Each case is different. If mediation is not the best approach, we have the resources, knowledge and experience necessary to accomplish your goals in California courtrooms.

Collaborative Law

In collaborative law matters, the parties agree to resolve family law conflicts without going to trial. They then bring in experts, including child psychologists and financial consultants, to help them make the best possible decisions about their interests.

The parties must invest in the collaborative process. In fact, they must agree to fire their lawyers and hire new ones if they decide to go to court. Often, this arrangement motivates spouses and co-parents to invest in creating a solution together. At Golsan Ziff & Ziff, we help. We fully support people who seek to resolve matters effectively and collaboratively.

We encourage you to contact us by calling 310-342-2818 to schedule a confidential consultation with a divorce mediation lawyer in west LA. We offer evening and weekend hours by special arrangement, and our law offices are conveniently located in Culver City, California, just off the 405. Free parking is available.