Premarital/Marital/Cohabitation Agreements

West LA Attorneys Handling Prenuptial Agreements

For many couples, a prenuptial, postnuptial or cohabitation agreement becomes a useful way to protect each party's interests, resolve conflict and even strengthen the relationship. At Golsan Ziff & Ziff, in west LA, we help our clients gain the benefits of these agreements by tailoring them to meet their needs. With years of experience, we draft and review all types of marital agreements, as well as mediate and litigate conflicts involving agreements.

Mediation can be a great option in family law matters involving prenups, postnups or cohabitation agreements. Mediation gives the parties an opportunity to talk with each other in a confidential setting and come to an agreement regarding what is best for them.

Premarital Agreements

A premarital agreement establishes the rights, duties and obligations of prospective spouses in a divorce. More than that, it helps both spouses develop a comprehensive understanding of their finances during the marriage. It allows a person and his or her potential spouse to discuss financial and emotional issues before they become an issue in the marriage, providing protection if things do not go as planned.

California is a community property state in which each spouse's income and acquisitions during marriage belong equally to both spouses. California also has some of the most liberal laws regarding spousal support (alimony).

A premarital agreement (sometimes called a prenuptial agreement or prenup) is a way to opt out of the requirements of California law and craft an agreement consistent with the way you wish to handle financial matters during marriage and in the event of a divorce. Such agreements not only protect property and income but provide predictability in your relationship regarding property, allow you to make independent financial plans, and can save large sums in legal and expert fees if things do not work out and your marriage ends in divorce.

But not all such agreements are enforceable. Our lawyers are highly skilled in California family law, and we draft only the highest-quality premarital agreements that are precisely tailored to meet our clients' goals, providing as much protection as the current state law will allow.

Postnuptial Agreements

When issues — like excessive debt, a spouse's refusal to contribute or even infidelity — arise during a marriage, many couples are saddened by what they feel is the only choice: divorce. If you are searching for a solution for a serious problem in your marriage, you should know that there are other options. Postnuptial agreements can be great alternatives to divorce.

These agreements are also valuable where spouses did not have the opportunity to do a premarital agreement, but want to achieve the same goals. They provide a way of resolving disputes that arise during a marriage. As contracts, they can affect a relationship in myriad ways. We help couples tailor postnuptial agreements to their unique needs so that they do not have to divorce now, helping them resolve serious conflicts and avoid similar issues in the future. If you have questions regarding a postnuptial agreement, we encourage you to speak with us.

Cohabitation Agreements

Although not always considered a part of family law and governed by more general contract principles, we are experienced with handling these situations.

Cohabitation agreements are written contracts that set forth the mutual rights and obligations of nonmarried couples who choose to live together. These contracts outline joint and separate property, as well as stating any other financial or general obligations or expectations the couple wishes to agree upon. The law on cohabitation agreements — and nonmarried couples — changes quickly in California, and we keep up-to-date on the most recent events. We can help you understand your rights and how a cohabitation agreement may affect your relationship.

Changing Law Affects Marriage Agreements

At Golsan Ziff & Ziff, we keep up with the changing law. The definition of marriage is expanded in California. Those with cohabitation agreements for their unmarried status or domestic partnerships who then wish to marry may need assistance in converting their prior agreements to a valid pre- or post-marital agreement.

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