Representation Options

Golsan Ziff & Ziff can represent you in various family law proceedings, including litigation, and using consensual methods such as mediation and collaborative law. We also act as neutral mediators.

Golsan Ziff & Ziff believes in providing a scope of legal services to address each client's particular financial situation. We assist our clients in controlling the cost of their case and focusing the funds available for fees where most effective. Options include:

  • Full representation
  • Limited scope representations
  • Review of agreements
  • Assistance to self-represented clients
  • Consultation

We consult and assist our clients regarding other sources for payment of and contributions to the fees/costs involved in family law cases, including:

  • Need based fee contributions by spouses, third-party litigants
  • Use of community funds
  • Family Law real property liens and other statutory sources

We protect our clients with written fee agreements specifying the scope of our representation, our fees, any retainer and our billing policies. We bill our time in increments of tenths of an hour at a significant savings for our clients.

As a courtesy to our clients, we do not bill them for usual and routine costs in photocopying, postage, faxing, telephone, etc. As a further courtesy, clients will either pay required outside costs directly or be billed only at our cost. We notify our clients before any proposed increase in our fees. Some circumstances require special fee arrangements.

Full Representation

This is the usual scope of representation in which your attorney handles all legal aspects of your family law matter. Based on the information regarding the case received in your initial consultation, we will be able to assess the types of issues which may arise, and where the costs may be. In the usual case, we will assess whether a retainer is appropriate and the amount of any initial retainer. Your written fee agreement with our firm will specify the scope of representation.

Limited Scope of Representation

If you are interested in using an attorney only for certain aspects of a case, we will discuss with you what you are able to afford, and where the use of an attorney may be most useful and even crucial to the outcome. If for example, both support and custody are at issue, you may decide to only engage counsel to assist you with custody issues. If you have negotiated most aspects of property division, it may be only to draft a stipulated judgment according to your agreements. In some cases the scope may be to bring a request for attorney's fees so you can afford to retain counsel for a greater scope of representation. Your fee agreement with our firm will specify the scope of representation. If court representation is required, a form Limited Scope of Representation will be filed.

Review of Agreements

We will provide review of and consultation regarding settlement agreements, mediated agreements, proposed prenuptial/premarital agreements and proposed judgments.

Assistance for Self Represented Clients

For persons representing themselves, we offer consultations on the law based on the facts and information you provide us on an hourly basis. Additionally and without appearing as your counsel, we will draft pleadings, and other documents, and assist you in your own preparation for hearings, trials, mediations / settlement conferences, arbitrations, evaluations etc.


We also offer consultations to provide a general understanding of the applicable law, the benefit of our experience and assistance with an overall approach to the family law issues involved. This is often a useful service for those who are exploring their legal options but not yet ready to take any specific action. Evening and weekend consultations are available by special arrangement.